Name: Sentari Silentread

Race: Tiefling

Class: Warlord

Sex: Female

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 160lbs

Languages: Common, goblin

Sentari is accustomed to being an outcast, having never known a home of her own. Though never proven, the disappearance of several prominent members of local villages was blamed on the tieflings. Her mother and father, accused of being the assassins, were slaughtered when she was a child. Sentari only escaped her parents fate by the kindness of a stranger, Ameyda Strongheart. While she did not think tieflings were without sin, she felt she could maybe change the fate of one. Ameyda, a human widow, treated Sentari as her own. However, not everyone was as kind as Ameyda. They would spit at Sentari when she passed. They extended no great kindness to Ameyda either, deeming her mad for giving a home to a child with such a disgusting bloodline. Amedya employed the services of an old friend to teach Sentari how to defend herself and she excelled at melee combat. Sentari was a natural leader.

When Sentari came of age she decided it would be in her foster mothers best interest to leave the village. Sentari felt Ameyda deserved to have her last years be quiet years instead of what she had to endure since taking her in. Her mother did not agree with the reasons for her leaving but knew she would need to learn her way in the world at some point.

Sentari set out without knowing another soul in the world. She hoped to somehow redeem her parents death or earn back some sort of respect to tieflings. If she could show them a different light, things could change in this world. They couldn’t continue to turn their backs forever.


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