Keep On The Shadowfell

First Impressions

Outside Wrafton’s Inn, Winterhaven

Many villagers stand outside Salvana Wrafton’s Inn, staring after the main gate through which the strangers recently passed. Once it was not uncommon for strangers to be about but with the kobolds ambushing travelers few have passed this way. Several of Winterhaven’s Regulars stand alert among the villagers.

Winterhaven Regular: Of course I heard about the madman running up and down the road shrieking! This town isn’t big enough not to hear about something like that. I’d have put him out on his keister if he hadn’t run out of here on his own.

Martis Thinwight: That naked one was wearing some kind of thing on his head, it looked like, a well, a little dragon head sort of but poorly cut. He put it right on his head! It’s no wonder he went stark raving mad!

Corin Delforth: Didja smell the dwarf? Della said he put animal fat on his head. Why’d he wanna do somethin like that fer?

Salvana Wrafton: This is a respectful inn, not a brothel!

Delmar Thornwit: I can’t believe Coalstriker bought that wizard’s clothes, hard times for us or not. Not like we had much to give ‘em for his britches.

Lord Padraig: I’m quite certain my guards could rid the countryside of the kobold threat but I must protect the village. I have my doubts about the character of these strangers but if they are able to dispatch of the kobolds we will be most grateful. If the kobolds dispatch them, well it may be for the best.

An Introduction

King’s Road, Somewhere between Elgin and Winterhaven

During the glory of the empire, the King’s Road provided quick, safe travel for merchants and nobles. Maximus Roundbottom rests on a rock along side the road, chewing a piece of stale bread and looking to the west.

Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot. If I weren’t believin I could pocket a shiny bit or two out of that musty keep, I’d be tellin that scrawny paperpusher exactly where he could put his 42 pieces of gold.

I have to tell ya something else too, this dragon be needin a mint!

The Three Arrows, Elgin

Elgin’s single inn has all the grace in design of a pile of boxes, sprawling east and west and towering up in unsteady heaps to accommodate travelers. A one-eyed bard sits on an unsteady stool by the hearth, quietly strumming a small harp. Haggard yet busty woman circle the large common area on the first floor. Parle Cranewing is a fussy man of diminutive statue. A number of yellowing books and papers are spread out before him. He discourages patrons from sitting at his table unless they have business with him, lest they drip ale on his documents.

I have interest in an old keep outside the town of Winterhaven, far to the west through Gardbury Downs. This keep is a remnant from the time of the great Nerath Empire. He squints down at the papers before him. You see, I have reason to think this particular keep has some significance. I would travel to Winterhaven myself but I have far too much work to do. That is why I am searching for persons to travel in my stead. A complete map is worth…250 gold. Interested?


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